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Remote Monitoring

Put your machines to work.

Remote Monitoring for Lasers and EDMs

Manufacturers embracing digital technologies like remote machine monitoring can improve productivity and turnaround time while increasing capacity.

No matter how reliable a machine is, problems can occur. Remote monitoring technology can prevent costly downtime by predicting maintenance needs as well as providing data to help diagnose and fix issues. Even better, all of this can be monitored remotely, complete with alerts that notify off-site personnel of urgent issues.

MC Machinery launched the cloud-based remote360™machine monitoring system in 2014, a foray into the Industrial Internet of Things that has proven invaluable to our laser, wire EDM, and sinker EDM customers.

Manufacturing is more data-driven than many realize. The only reliable way to identify performance-impacting problems is through data analytics, which can reveal ways to:

  • Maximize capacity and uptime

  • Prioritize opportunities

  • Test assumptions

  • Find waste

  • Guide continuous improvement processes

Capacity improvements translate into higher productivity, which in turn boost profitability.

The web-based remote360 application provides real-time access to data including run, stop and idle time. Along with production performance graphing, system alerts provide notifications of problems or extended idle time.


  • Remote360 provides real-time remote access to a machine from a website or app.
  • The system tracks everything from material and power to gas consumption down to the part level. Additional performance indicators on laser machines include laser gas status, power output, active feed rate, current rapid overrides, and cutting feed overrides.

Wire EDMs: remote360 can maximize throughput to keep the machine running at peak efficiency. The dashboard shows data including how much wire is remaining and current job status, along with graphs depicting productivity and material consumption.

Sinker EDMs: remote360 monitors burn progress and stability along with tracking consumable usage. The controller display shows which part within the program cycle is currently being processed.

Operators are able to better predict and plan maintenance because remote360 can set a schedule for preventive maintenance checks.

Companies can track scheduling, material usage, nest operation and status, and more.

Mobile or email notifications can be set up to indicate machine problems and job completions.

MC Machinery service technicians can easily be given remote access to the machine when needed, allowing for fast and convenient diagnosis of machine issues.

Monthly site reports provide data on run time, stop time, idle time, and more. Most-common alarm occurrences can help operators and managers better understand where improvement is possible.


Remote360 allows you to monitor the following resource consumption and performance indicators on laser machines:

  • Rapid and Cutfeed Overrides

  • Active Feed Rate

  • Assist Gas Set vs. Output Pressure

  • Power Output

  • Laser Gas Status



Remote360 allows you to monitor the following resource consumption and performance indicators on wire EDM machines:

  • Wire Remaining
  • Program Completion Monitor

  • Wire Breakage & Insert Monitors

  • Working Voltage

  • Water Quality



Remote360 allows you to monitor the following resource consumption and performance indicators on sinker EDM machines:

  • Distance of Depth
  • Stability

  • Amperage Output

  • Current Program Sequence

  • Current E-Pack


  • "They can diagnose problems and solve some problems with nothing more than a button click and a phone call. The best part is that the staff at MC Machinery are proactive and not reactive. They help us to minimize our downtime by looking out for us."

    Ryan Schlarb, Production Manager at Ranger HVAC learn more
  • "I’ve been blown away how MC Machinery handles service. They go above and beyond expectations and their service culture is miles ahead of the competition. The few times we’ve had issues, the Service Department was very knowledgeable about the equipment, and we were able to trouble shoot and fix the issues immediately over the phone."

    Freeman “Fritz” Schlabach, Founder at Rock Run Industries learn more
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